Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism, Plagiarism, Stealing content from blogs, Piracy in Print Media, HT, TOI, National Daily

11 Responses to “Citizen Journalism”

  1. Saad Akhtar Says:


    Here’s a conspiracy theory: Flickr + Google are paid for by the newspaper mafia. Once everyone is freely sharing, they (the mafia) can fire their staff and leech off us.

  2. Saad Akhtar Says:

    And of yeah, FIRST!

  3. sakhi Says:


  4. | Balu | Says:

    LOL I am a journalist myself but hey I totally agree with this one! It’s so true.. we all know what happened to bloggers like Nita =/

  5. Dinesh Says:

    he he … yeah off late they have been stealing a lot of photographs from blogs and flickr.

  6. vishesh Says:

    bad isn’t it….

  7. xylene Says:

    There was an old joke on the TV that AIR newsreaders just read news out of that days newspaper.

    Now its the samething happening with News channels. People have a feeling that everything out of internet is free.

    Well some are like this comment. :)

  8. Chirag Chamoli Says:

    spineless people, stealing from the same people they mislead.

  9. Nikhil Says:

    Yeah, i think this happens way too often nowadays! :D

  10. dinu Says:

    LOl thats another name to call theft .. isn’t it ?

  11. Sharad Says:

    Pune mirror..once published my post..they put my name… but they edited it and wrote a last line saying I want Pune Mirror to take action.