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12 Responses to “ProTip”

  1. Radha Says:

    Haha :)
    As a photographer, you have a social responsibility to give out such advice, good job :)

    BTW, can’t help noticing that two of these guys have one eye popping out :P

  2. Sakhi Says:

    pehle aur paanchwe bande ki aankhon ko kya hua? :P

  3. Poonam Says:

    It seems like there are two groups of gays. One on the right is disabled. :|

  4. prerna Says:

    Nice tip, will remember that :)

  5. Leo Says:

    Haha. Nice one.

  6. Sudarshan Says:

    I always try to do that…but others just don’t get it..

  7. vishesh Says:


  8. Raj Kian Says:

    truly #EpicWin

  9. Akanksha Says:

    Good one there!!! :)

  10. Anu Says:

    Loved the mouse-over text.. “When indoors, don’t forget to wear sunglasses” !!! LOL you’re too good :)

  11. ravi Says:

    Whats this ? The economics of a photo shoot ? Nice…

  12. Mixdev Says:

    La brilliantza! Extra points for making everyone look alike. It justifies the urge to standout.